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The you that we know

My Georgia,

I want to talk to you about who you are.

To me and your dad, you are everything we prayed for and more. To us, you are unimaginable happiness. Y0u are the meaning behind all that we do. You are our miracle girl. You are our greatest gift, our life's joy, and our heart's biggest love. You make us complete. You are a fiery soul and a bright light in so much darkness. You are the most important person in this world to us. You are a little bit of me, a little bit of your dad, and a whole lot of your own personality. You are treasured. You are an answered prayer.

In addition to us... to your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends you are fun and exciting, you are a breath of fresh air, you are a gift, you are toothless smiles, chubby cheeks, and sweet giggles. You are pure amazement.

To our God, you are perfect. To Him you are chosen. To Him you are true love. To Him you are deserving of good. My girl there is no flaw in you and our God has made that abundantly clear. Every molecule, every DNA strand, every chromosome, every hair on your head, every eye lash was purposely given to you. God made no mistakes when He created you.

There is nothing wrong with you because you were chosen to battle CF. You didn't commit some wrong doing or draw the short straw. On the contrary, God created you with all of this in mind. And because I know He is good and faithful, I have to believe that He chose you to carry this. The load is heavy my girl and its not fair and its hard. You have every right to kick your feet in protest as long as you come back to baseline - come back to the truth. The truth that you are not defined by your obstacles. The truth that God knows more than we do - that He works for the good of those who love Him. The truth that you are capable and strong and worthy. Science may tell you that you are medically complex but we know that God has made you PERFECT in His image. Created in His likeness. How mighty is the plan He has for you.

Yes, you were given Cystic Fibrosis. But you were also given a spirit of fearlessness, a fierce determination, a courageous mind, a healing smile, an impactful heart and an unique perspective on a path not easily traveled. How I welcome the powerful things you will do in this life - the way you will touch and help others as you have already done for your dad and I. You have purpose. You were designed with intent. You are a wonderful creation.

It is important to note that even though your dad and I wish with all of our might that we could take these challenges away from you - we have never and will never shy away from fighting alongside you. You are never alone. For a life encompassed with all of these decisions, treatments, medications, etc. is a life worth living if its a life with you in it. My darling, there is no circumstance in which our life will ever be better without you. You are enough.

We believe you are a movement for change. We believe that you will see a cure in your lifetime. We believe that you will live a long and happy life. We believe that we will do our very best to ensure you a long list of wonderful memories where CF is not at the forefront. We believe that who you are will always outshine what you face. You are whole.

May you always know who you are to us and whose you are. You are our daughter but you are also a child of God. May you always be sought out for your triumphs - for I know there will be many. You are accomplished.

You are our peace. You are our hope. You are our Georgia.

We pray that every day but especially in the month of May that you are reminded of these things. You are celebrated.

I love you for ALL that you are!!

- Mom

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